Financial support through difficult times

Although no one can predict what life will bring, having the right financial protection in place can help prepare us for difficult times. Critical illness cover is an exceptionally valuable employee benefit, providing much-needed financial support if they are diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer, a stroke or heart disease.

As an employer, one of your employees being critically ill can have a significant effect on your business – you may have to recruit new staff or train others to cover time off. With group critical illness cover, the financial implications for both you and your employees can be eased.  

Group critical illness cover is an invaluable benefit to both your company and your employees. Upon diagnosis of one of a defined list of serious conditions, or undergoing one of a defined list of surgeries, your employee will receive a tax-free lump sum, (once they have survived for a specific period), which can help relieve the burden for them, their family and you.

Group critical illness policies can vary, with different illnesses and procedures being covered. We can help you find the right cover for the level of protection you want to offer your employees. By researching the whole of the market, we can tailor the most cost-effective solution to suit your requirements. Contact us today.


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