Investment Advice to Reap Tax-Efficient Rewards from Your ISAs and SIPPS

We use our expertise to find the most effective and tax-efficient wrappers for your investments, based on your aspirations for the future you want for you and your loved ones.

Both Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPS) offer a host of tax advantages for investors. As highly tax-efficient wrappers, ISAs and SIPPS are great, flexible ways to save for the future, offering opportunities to make the most of your money.

The J Edward Sellars Stocks and Shares ISA

As part of our bespoke investment solutions, our in-house Stocks and Shares ISA offers you the performance of a stock market investment, with the added benefit of tax-efficient returns.

If you are looking to achieve growth on a medium-to long-term investment (over five years), then the JES Stocks and Shares ISA can help you get more from your money.

Key Benefits:

Potential for capital growth.
An income of 3.5%*.
No capital gains tax on investment growth.
No additional income tax on regular withdrawals.
No liability to higher rates of income tax.
Access to your money at any time.

*The 3.5% is an estimate annual yield from a model cautious income portfolio, which is not guaranteed and may be revised in the future. The value of the investment can rise as well as fall and you may get back less than initially invested. The level of risk and the objective of the portfolio that the JES Stocks & Share ISA is exposed to may affect the growth of your investment. For example, a model medium growth portfolio has an estimate annual yield of 2.9% and a model moderate balanced portfolio has an estimate annual yield of 3.1%.

The J Edward Sellars Junior ISA

For a tax-efficient way to save or gift your wealth to younger generations, the J Edward Sellars Junior ISA (JISA) offers all the tax benefits of an ‘adult’ ISA, and presents a simple and valuable investment opportunity.

From help with university fees to a deposit on a first home, the JES Junior ISA is a flexible and tax-efficient way to give someone you love a financial head start.

Key benefits:

The annual amount you can save is tax free.
Anyone can add money to the account.
At age 18, the JISA automatically converts to an ISA.

Whether you are looking for a way to invest a lump sum or monthly amounts, our Stocks and Shares ISA and JISA offer excellent investment opportunities, to help you achieve your medium-to long-term goals.

Your ISAs in one place

Our in-house ISAs mean we can help you take full advantage of the tax-efficient savings opportunities available to you. As part of our bespoke investment strategy, we can advise you on how and where to invest your ISAs to get the best possible returns.

You can also transfer any existing ISAs you have with other providers to us, so you have one point of contact, through your dedicated investment manager, and a clearer oversight of your investments.

Our SIPP Services

A SIPP offers a wide choice of investments and better flexibility than a traditional pension. Putting you in control of your financial future, SIPPs give you the freedom to make your own choices when it comes to how you invest, and the opportunity to achieve higher returns.

SIPPS work in the same way as other personal or stakeholder pensions, in terms of tax benefits, contribution limits and retirement options. However, it is the additional tax efficiency and wider investment choice that gives them the edge.

Key Benefits:

Choose from a whole spectrum of investments.
Investments within your SIPP grow free of UK capital gains and income taxes.
Take up to 25% of your fund as a tax-free lump sum at age 55.

You can start a SIPP with new contributions, whether monthly payments or a one-off lump sum, which will attract tax relief of up to 50% (depending on your circumstances). Alternatively, you can transfer to a SIPP from existing pensions, so you can benefit from both the flexibility of investment choice and having all your plans under one roof.

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There are many options for investing within a SIPP – from funds, shares, cash deposits and more. With the expert help of your investment manager, you can make the right investment choices for the financial future you want. For all your financial planning, savings, SIPP, and investment advice needs, please contact our team for more information. Our personal financial planning advisers are proud to serve clients throughout Bristol, Congresbury, Portishead, UK, and the Clevedon, Somerset area.

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