When is the Best Time to Invest in the Stock Market?

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31 July 2020

As we all know, there are typical fluctuations seen in the economy. Many new or first-time investors may be apprehensive about investing their money because of this and feel they may lack the proper knowledge in the stock market to succeed. At J Edward Sellars, we are here to make you aware of information you may not have considered in the past and will look to have you succeed in the stock market for years to come. In this blog post, we will discuss the best time to invest personally and ways that you can safely put your hard-earned money into the stock market.


When You Are Financially Stable

One of the best times to invest in the stock market is when you are in a good place financially. There is nothing worse than pinning all your hopes of striking it rich by investing in that new tech company. We suggest building up capital in your savings account and then slowly beginning the process of investment. Start off small with a company that has relative stability and then you can work your way up in the amount of capital you're investing as you get more and more comfortable. A gradual approach to investing will be a safer option that can have great long-term benefits.


When You Learn What Type of Investor You Are

Once you have begun to make small investments, you will grow more and more comfortable and learn what you like to invest in. We suggest that you invest in the market to a greater degree once you have gained a better sense of your investing style. Understanding your short- and long-term goals will be an important factor in determining when will be the best time for you to personally make an investment.


The Question is Complicated

To put it simply, there may not be a ‘best’ time to invest in the stock market. A good rule of thumb is to invest in something you believe in and something you think will have a gradual amount of growth over a long period of time. We suggest speaking to an experienced financial advisor who will tell you the pros and cons of each company you may consider investing in. 

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